Linda Styles Ceramics


My practice specifically relates to the exploration of instinctual form in relation to unorthodox surface methodology. My intention is to be as spontaneous as possible, a hard task given the volatile nature of clay, heat and chemicals. I prefer my work to serve a purpose, even if that purpose is not based on a functionality that is obvious in the traditional sense. I like to think that my work is about something ‘other’ than itself, awkward balance and pictorial narrative always present, always linked, the tangible object on the shelf or canvas on the wall representing the sometimes intangible whole, my goal being to achieve a palpable tension of opposites that is affecting on many levels. Although in a constant state of ‘flux’, my practice always relates to the exploration of the instinctual and expressive. I am forever immersed in colourful chaos but this freedom of expression is necessarily underpinned by considered and formal elements of design, manifesting in tangible objects that purposefully reflect and focus on love and all that is beautiful in this World, in this respect my motive remains constant regardless of material, method and outcome.

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