Linda Styles Ceramics

Example surface detail over the years

My ceramics are best described as a freehand format mix of random and considered elements. I am obsessed by the ceramic process and the excitement of possibility that comes with using heat works, chemical formulas and clay to create surface and form. 

I continue to multi fire and multi layer, using a combination of reactive and inactive porcelain slips, fritted slips, my own glaze formula’s and commercial low fire glazes and lustre's. The clay is cut, torn, layered, obscured and revealed semi-randomly in my own freehand format, manipulation and distortion to the fore. The ‘marks’ are not meant to be literal interpretation, and are perhaps best described as organic abstract in notion and intent. My surfaces are now more to do with colour, line and space, although still always underpinned by the emotive feeling ranging from utmost despair to joyous optimism, depending on my mood. My main aim is to focus on love and all that is beautiful in this World, whilst acknowledging a reality that is built on sorrow and loss. 

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